Incredibly relieved!

I was about to file a BK and they found me the best loan program to help consolidate my payments into one! really appreciate Mary's honestly and dedication regarding our finances.

Louie Z. - Lindon, UT
Thanks DecreaseMyPayments!

DecreaseMyPayments Team saved us with our high interest rate credit card payments! Thanks Jamie! You're the best!

Brian D. - San Diego, CA
Leon was very helpful

Bradly (DMP's Advisor) did a fantastic work explaining the process and my benefit.

Tony B. - Denver, CO

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Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Teacher loan forgiveness programs provide loan forgiveness to eligible teachers. Qualified educators may be granted a $5,000 or a $17,500 reduction from the principal or loan forgiveness, for at least five years. After 10 years of qualifying employment and payments, teachers may apply for complete debt relief through the public service forgiveness program.

How Our Process Works

How it Works

Confused about how it all works? Let us help! We’ll give you a 100% free in-depth analysis and evaluation of the process. Also, we’ll show you the programs available to you and help you pick the best one for your repayment needs.

Our Services

We provide optimized preparation services for people who want to apply for the Department of Education’s numerous programs. We aren’t affiliated with the Department though. We just prepare the requirements for these services and provide a free consultation. If you’d like, we may file your documents for $399, payable in installments.

Let Us Do the Work

We make sure to work with our clients in order to properly file their requirements for these relief programs. In addition, our goal is to help you minimize, defer, or relieve your student loans. If you choose to pay for our services, we will guide you in filing the paperwork with the Department of Education.

What We Do


Student Debt Relief informs student loan borrowers online with a mix of current news, recent data, and up-to-date loan procedural information. We educate regarding its programs, aiding visitors in their student debt struggle.


You need more than answers, so we offer solutions. For a fee, Student Debt Relief coordinates with providers who assist with student loans. Our specialists may guide you as you explore your options, and help them file the necessary documents.