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Incredibly relieved!

My accounts are current, but my hours at work were recently cut. I was barely able to make the minimum payments before. Now it will be impossible. I was glad I was able to speak with My Decreasemypayments Counselor, and create a plan that will pay off my debt in a reasonable amount of time, instead of paying payments for 20 years.

Chre G. -Brookfield, MN

Thanks Decreasemypayments

Decreasemypayments saved us without a doubt! We Just finished the program and much better off than where we started a few years ago! I would work with Decreasemypayments anytime! Thanks for saving us and allowing us to breathe again.

Brian A. -Richmond, VA

Leon was very helpful

Leon (DCP's Adviser) did a great job explaining everything to me. He was very pleasant and professional.

Elaine R. -N Myers. FL


Get in contact with truster debt specialist who facilitate your long-term financial health by presenting the wide range of debt-relief options available to you. These include student loan consolidation, debt consolidation, debt settlement and tax debt relief.

Debt Settlement & Consolidation

Consolidating your federal student loans will give you one new loan with one payment, and into a repayment plan you can afford. Consolidating also puts you into the forgiveness programs and makes you eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

The Debt Settlemt Negotiation Process


The first step is deciding what her to hire a debt settlement company or lawyer to negotiate a settlement. You could do this yourself. The goal is to reduce significantly the amount you pay. Experience helps So does having enough money to make a lumpsum offer. Start saving immediately.


Next, meet with the original lender, plead for mercy and ask if they’re willing to settle. If your account is more than six monthsover due, the debt likely has been turned over to a collection agency, who has the opposite goal: They want to get as much money from you as they can.


It could take three years to save enough money to make an offer. Usually, you are asked to stop paying creditors and insteads end monthly payments to your representative to build an acount. Meanwhile, interest charges on your debt grow and your account balance grows with it.


It’s time to make an offer. Be patient. Creditors have no obligati on to accept debt settlement offers. This could take months, maybe years. If creditor accepts, get it in writing. Also, ask the credit or to send the major credit bureaus notice that the debt has been settled.


Now, see if you saved money. Debt settlement companies usually charge 15% of the amount owed or 25% of the amount saved. Lawyer s could charge an hourly rate or standard fee. There also are taxes owed to the IRS on the amount for given. It is not a sure thing you came out ahead.


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