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Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Start your life of debt freedom now

We can help you ease your debt burdens with our Credit Card Payoff Calculator. Just fill in your current card balances, corresponding interest rates, and monthly payments. With these, we will gauge how soon you may become free from debt. You may set how long you want your debt payoff to be and our Credit Card Payoff Calculator will show the resulting details.

Check your personal loan rates

The Credit Card Payoff Calculator may offer various possibilities according to your debt payoff goals. It may suggest plans that minimize your monthly payments and rates, or it may recommend the fastest path to debt payoff.

Let’s say you have a credit card balance worth $20,000, a 25% interest rate, and monthly payments of $1,000. Our Payoff Calculator concludes that you’ll take 27 months to pay the balance completely.

However, it also recommends monthly payments of $877 for 27 months, so you may have lower monthly payments and rates. In contrast, it shows that you may pay $1,112 monthly for 18 months with 0% APR from balance transfer cards.

Interested in a Personal Loan?

You may take out a personal loan with your bank, credit union, or private lender. These may be intended for any purpose, and they are paid out in one lump sum. These are often repaid to the lender over numerous years, much like we’ve elaborated regarding our Credit Card Payoff Calculator.

What sets personal loans apart from credit cards is the lower interest rates. You may check on the Credit Card Payoff Calculator that it can reduce monthly payments.

Moreover, having an excellent credit rating may qualify you for unsecured personal loans. These do not require any collateral such as auto loans and mortgages. It may be used for any purpose, so they may serve as better alternatives to other loans.

If you’re trapped in a never-ending cycle of credit card debts, then personal loans may help you out. Make sure to discuss the terms and rates with your selected lenders. Additionally, our Credit Card Payoff Calculator may clarify the effectiveness of personal loans.

Our Personal Loan Calculator may also estimate your potential monthly payment, helping you decide your loans wisely.

Interested in a Balance Transfer Credit Card?

A key aspect of balance transfer credit cards is their 0% introductory rate. This enables you to pay your balances without interest for several months or even a year. Our Credit Card Payoff Calculator inputs an introductory APR of 18 months by default, but some cards may offer only 6 months.

If you want faster credit card payoff, then balance transfer credit cards may be your best bet.

They provide 18 months of zero-interest, but you may want to take full advantage by making higher monthly installments. These cards provide expedient payoff, especially if you have financial wiggle room.


  • They help you pay your credit cards faster with the 0% intro period.
  • It may even help you save some money.


  • You have to pay larger amounts per month to take full use of the zero-interest duration.
  • Some balance transfer cards may charge transfer fees that pile on top of your outstanding balance.

First, search for balance transfer options that offer introductory periods of 9-18 months. It must last at least 6 months under federal law. Try giving yourself ample breathing room to pay back your outstanding balance without dealing with interest.

You may also use our Credit Card Balance Transfer Calculator to verify if you can complete payoff before the promotional period expires. While most transfer cards offer 0% intro periods, you may receive high interest once it ends.

What’s more, you must limit any additional credit card charges, and our Home Budget Calculator could help you. Along with the Credit Card Payoff Calculator, it can help you allocate money, prioritize spending, and avoid impulsive card usage.


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